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good shit.

i'm shining right now. seriously i am.
i'm at that big jump. well, really it wasn't that big of a jump because it was an easy decision to make. somewhat. but i recognize that i am truly blessed right now. in the last few years, there have been ups and downs. but overall i have had been blessed to have had wonderful opportunities. seriously.
and now this.
new job.
closer to home.
i had expected to have to take a bit of a pay cut.
i'm actually getting a substantial increase in pay.
i'm ashamed to say this, but after discussing 'the offer' in more detail this morning (while at my current job), i stopped working. really, i did. i just couldn't focus. couldn't concentrate. i know i should be smart about this, but i even got excited and said f_ck it, i'm going to give my notice now and take a few days off in between. let me take a moment to enjoy this right here.
i even went out bought a bottle. called the girls. and said, let's celebrate.
essentially, it's a baby step.
but it's a step in the right direction.
and even if it doesn't work out. let's say, i hate the new spot.
i chalk it up to experience.
and keep on moving.


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