...respect is just the minimum...


we are warriors....

Soca Warriors!

We are warriors...
Soca Warriors

We are the children...

We are the nation of the...
Soca Warriors
Soca Warriors!

So yeah, they're in a tough group.
But I'm hoping for atleast one win, so that I can hear about the madness that will be the celebration in Trinidad.


  • At Sun. Jun. 11, 01:49:00 a.m. EDT, Anonymous mango said…

    yeah yeah!! trini team dinna score but they still winners. i saw the game yesterday an saw them playin tuff. hope they go far this world cup.

    btw, i stumbled onto u'r site some days ago. good stuff :)

  • At Wed. Jun. 14, 01:56:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger FLS said…

    England plays Trinidad tomorrow.

    COME ON ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (I'm not really a supporter but they brain wash you over here.)

  • At Fri. Jun. 16, 09:51:00 a.m. EDT, Blogger obifromsouthlondon said…

    all good the game yesterday. but people forget one thing. the phat lady ain't sung yet.

    soca warriors need on a win, by at least two goals, and hope sweeden don't win or draw against england.

    thats the maths. p how you doing? long time still.


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