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if only everything in life had an easy button.

ms. bri is back again this summer. she's a breath of fresh air to this house that only has adults. and has only had adults for the last 10 or so years.

i put her to work this morning (because she woke me up at about 7:30am doing the typical stretch my eyelids open and inquire whether or not i'm awake yet). so as i type, she's in my room cleaning. lol. she enjoys it, so why not. but she made me feel guilty a few minutes ago. leaving me wondering whether i live a life of excess. quite honestly, i don't have to wonder. i know i do.

so we're in my room, cleaning. i get these moments every once in a while where i dispose of clothing and shoes that i no longer fancy. today's task was shoes.
so, ms. bri is going through my closet with me as i sort through shoes that i want to keep and those that will be donated to other older mini me's (aka senior mini me's) and the junior mini me (aka ms. bri) looks at me and says...'you sure do have a lot of shoes....you threw out so many and you still have a lot'. what can i say. it is true. this morning, i threw out 10 pairs of shoes that i wasn't feeling anymore and i'm still left with about 45 or more pairs of shoes.
we started going through the clothes in my closet.
her comment....'why do you have so many pairs of blue jeans? they all look the same'
i have no justification.
denim is my uniform. aside from work clothes, you can always find me in a pair of blue jeans. that's my comfort clothing.
i like clothes.
i enjoy shopping.
those are my weaknesses.

so, bri has been here for less than a week. add to the equation that the parents are out of town until mid june. and the brother is nocturnal. the sum of it all....i have a daughter for the next few weeks.

i'm 27 (gasp!) and in my neighbourhood its a rarity for someone my age not to have a child or even children. its also a rarity for someone my age to honestly be able to say that i've never had an abortion nor ever had to consider an abortion.
no joke.
every conversation i've had with a new male friend usually involves the typical....'so what part of t.o are you from'...i respond with the name of my 'hood. which is always followed by 'you have any kids' which is followed by my 'hell no' which is followed by an 'are you serious?'.

my girls and i discuss this phenomenon often.
we've concluded that we must be some sort of endangered species.

but what if?
what if i did have a child? what would life be like?
right now, my life is pretty much care free.
as i said in a recent post, i'm shining. i've done well for myself.
university degree. post grad certificate. my own vehicle.
i lucked into a job at a major insurance company as soon as i graduated.
and now, i'm moving to the major life insurance company in canada with an $8000 pay increase.
no jail time. no kids. no abortions.
i work 9-5. and most days work overtime until about 8pm or 9pm.
i leave work.
get into the 'borough by 9pm or 10pm.
go for drinks or indulge in a session with friends.
crawl into bed by about midnight to wake up and start all over the next day.
my clubbing days are over, but i still like to have a good time.
house party? bars for drinks?
there always seems to be something.
michie (the senior mini me) accused me of gallivanting.
so what would i have done with a child?
could i have juggled university, college and all of my part time jobs?
moms has told me on numerous occasions to remember that if i have a child that's my child and she's not having any part in babysitting.....

she's calling so i gotta go...
i guess this is what life could have been like....


  • At Sun Jun 18, 05:55:00 PM EDT, Blogger ~b*b~ said…

    truss' me, it wouldn't have been possible - you should enjoy your child-free years! i'm so glad i was able to be selfish enough to spend my 20's doing things i wanted to do for fun, and needed to do to get myself ahead...

  • At Tue Jun 20, 12:37:00 PM EDT, Blogger obifromsouthlondon said…

    "8pm or 9pm". nah brethren don't do that. truss me.

    kids are fun, and as long as the extended fam is in place to lend a hand. kinda like what you doing. enjoy the freedom while it lasts (and the sessions ;)


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